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Limited Edition Sneakers Nike SB Air Jordan 1 Lance Mountain bred royal


Next destination, the 80′s yo! Grab a look at the latest drop from Nike. It’s the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 – Lance Mountain. Fresh as! ...

Limited Edition Art Prints 1xRun Sarah Joncas Deep Sea Poster Print


NSFW!…Kinda. This is whats really at the bottom of the sea. Another beauty from Sarah Joncas titled “deep sea”. 13 Inches by 17 Inch ...

Limited Edition Art Prints Victor Spinelli Octopussy 1xrun 2014 Poster Print


A picture is worth a thousand words! Have a look at this juxtaposition created by Victor Spinelli, titled Octopussy. The original photograph was taken ...

Limited Edition Apparel Clothing Catching Dreams Go Out Live Dreams Tee Front


Sleep well whilst you’re awake! See what we just stumbled upon. Its the latest release from “Go Out Live Dreams”. The Tee is named & ...

Limited Edition Art Prints Orson and Oscar Matthew Lew Owls


Wise he looking at me? We love the work of Matthew Lew. Take some time to look at his latest limited edition art print. It’s called Orson and Os ...

Limited Edition Designer Toys Mortimer The Mortician Glow Artoyz Brandt Peters


Straight Razor Option! Have a peep at this new limited edition designer toy release from Artoyz x Brandt Peters. Limited to an edition of 200 pieces. ...

Limited Edition Art Prints Shepard Fairey Paradise Turns Poster Print 2014 Beach Playa Del Rey CA


Chillin at the beach, no big deal. Put an eye on the latest limited edition art print from [obey] giant Shepard Fairey, titled “Paradise Turns&# ...

Limited Edition Art Prints Ryan Lynn Light and Shadow Poster Print 2014 Skull Space


Spaceman, I always wanted you to know! Have a peep at the new limited edition art print from Ryan Lynn. Limited to an edition of only 32. Dimensions: ...

Limited Edition Sneakers Nike Womens Roshe Run Print Laser Crimson White Bright Grape 2014


Cherry Speed! Take a look at the new women’s running sneaker release from Nike. This bright colorway of laser crimson/white grape “print” ed ...

Limited Edition Art Prints 1xRun Ian Kualii Fragments 2 Poster Print 2014


How is my skin looking? Check out the latest limited edition art print from Ian Kuali’i titled Fragments 2. A real mixed media feel. This screen ...

Limited Edition Everything Else Absolut Vokda Chicago 2014 Bottle


The great windy city, shaken not stirred! Check out the latest limited edition release from Absolut Vodka. City-inspired flavor consisting of a savory ...

Limited Edition Art Prints 1xRun Jeff Soto Cat Goddess Poster Kitty Print 2014


Stare into my eyes! Check out the latest limited edition art print from Jeff Soto, titled Cat Goddess. This is weirdly wonderful. Visual stunner. The ...

Limited Edition

Some artists will allow their original art to be reproduced for a particular amount. For instance, an artist may agree to reprint a thousand copies of original print of his work, after which he will break the mould. Breaking the mould implies that he will never allow his work to be printed again once the agree copies have been reached. These are known as Limited Edition Art Prints and may sell for as low as 20 dollars. The limited availability of artist’s prints increases the value and worth of the prints. It is also a good way for the artist to profit from his talents. This is due to the fact that the prints of such artists are not mass produced to the extent of flooding the markets with the prints. Limited edition art prints is also a way of utilizing the law of supply and demand to the advantage of the artist. When an edition of art is limited in print, the demand for such art print may increase and this will invariably increase the worth of such prints as well as the price. Limited edition art prints is a perfect way of starting amazing collections of collectibles. Limited edition art prints also make perfect gifts for families and friends. In this age of internet and online marketing, Limited edition art prints have appreciated in value. Limited edition art prints are available in various media but the most common ones are the canvas and paper media. These are usually the most inexpensive art prints available. Some may be priced between 20 and 150 dollars while some may cost as much as thousands of dollars. The price usually depends on the size of the prints and reputation of the artist. Most limited edition art prints comes with certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. The prints also have serial numbers. For instance, 456/1000 implies the print is the 456th print out of 1000 copies printed. For modern collectors, Limited edition art print is a collectible with high investment potentials. So, there is no risk in buying those prints as part of collectibles.

Limited edition designer toys are toys and other collectibles that are produced in limited edition. These are created by various artist and designers. The number of such toys in circulation may be as low as10 and as many as 2000 pieces. Designer toys from modern and plastic materials. This confers on them special texture and tactile quality. Designer toys are not meant for kids alone. There are some specially fabricated toys that will equally appeal to the grown-ups. Limited edition designer toys first emerged in the early years 1990s. Limited edition designer toys are toys that can inspire children and stir up their spirit. It can create a special bond between parents and children. Anyone who appreciates uniqueness and creativity will cherish designer toys. Many design professionals of high repute are joining toy designing market on daily basis. Designer toys are usually created from variety of raw materials which include plastic, vinyl, wood, mental and resin. Modern manufacturers of designer toys make use of plastic and vinyl most. Plastic and vinyl limited edition designer toys are more common than ever before. Limited edition designer toys are mostly produced in China and Japan. They are rarely produced in US due to restriction laws. There are some other advanced countries of the world that have joined the league of designer toys’ manufacturers. Limited and special edition are now available more than ever before. Companies and businesses are endorsing special or limited edition in their collection. The rate of purchase of limited edition designer tools has increase in recent years. This underscores the importance of being attached to limited items and their prices are also sky-rocketing since the demand is on the increase on daily basis.

Clothing is very important aspect of daily life. Many guys and girls will love to stand out from the crowd. This is on one of the reasons why limited edition clothing is fast gaining grounds and dominating the market more than ever before. Are you a collector? Are you keen on fashion? Limited edition apparels are highly desirable by lovers of fashion trends. Many people have taken it upon themselves to find limited edition clothing no matter how much it will cost them. Why all this fuss about limited edition clothing? Limited edition clothing or apparel is a cloth that is produced in limited number. Limited availability of the cloth increases the value and worth of such apparels. Limited edition clothing is usually introduced by designers and companies who have high reputation in the clothing market. When the numbers of apparels made for sale are gone, they are gone for good. This increases the opportunity for such an apparel to become collectibles by collectors in the nearest future. Purchase of limited edition clothes is also a means of supporting existing and upcoming brands in the clothing industry. The new brands and designers that are just entering into the market do not have the resources to push out new designs on regular basis. Buying their products will help them to grow and become established brands in not too distant future. Limited edition clothing can make a great collection for collectibles. It has investment potential as many lovers of fashion are always on the lookout for these set of apparels. Limited edition apparels can also be put up for sale in the online market or stores. So, limited edition clothing is worth investing in. There is high assurance of returns from such investments. Collectors can add these apparels to their collectibles.

No matter how gorgeously you dress, your dressing may not be complete or appealing without matching sneakers. Do you like to look fresh? Do you fancy standing out in the crowd? Having Limited edition sneakers on you may be a way to stand out among many people. Limited edition sneakers are produced in limited quantity. This usually increases the worth and value of the footwear. Once the quantities produced are exhausted, the pattern is not reproduced again. Top brands and designers in the foot wear industry employ limited edition to drive sales to new product. Limited edition also increases the worth of the products and increases the value by leaps and bounds. Some of the top brands that are manufacturer of limited edition sneakers include the following: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Jordan, Asics, New balance etc. There are many other stakeholders that are also producers of limited edition foot wears. Limited edition sneakers are always attractive, elegant and beautiful to behold. It is highly sought-out for its unparallel beauty and intricate designs. Some of these designs are not available in the open market. Sometimes, peculiar and exclusive designs are highly sought after. Lovers of good and quality foot wears will stop at nothing to get their desired sneakers in the market. Due to the level of demand that is always placed on these limited edition sneakers, they become rare and hard to find items within a very short time. Consequently, they are collectibles of great value. Collectors can add limited edition sneakers to their stock of collections. These limited edition sneakers offers great investment potentials and return on investment (ROI) is highly guaranteed. They are premium items that cannot be overlooked by collectors.